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Way of Offerings / Nature of Offerings

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 In the world of Islam, to sacrifice in the way of ALLAH is considered as a very pious act and one who performs it is rewarded many times more then that he has offered in the way of ALLAH and his WallieES for example 

At the time of MUSSA (A.S) their was a old couple who was passing a very hard life they were not able to get their daily bread so they went to MUSA (A.S) and asked him to pray for them and ask ALLAH PAK to give all the food of their life a single time so that they may quench their hungry fully once during their life.

When MUSA (A.S) prayed for them ANGEL GIBREL came and told them that they shall go to the bank of river Nile early next morning and their they will find a boat waiting for them loaded with all the food of their life. Next mooring when they reached the bank of river Nile they founded a boat with a one sack of grains for them. They cooked all of it and quenched their hunger and the distributed the remaining part among other hungry peoples as a sacrifice in the way of ALLAH.

Next day when they had nothing left with them they decided for a walk to river Nile when they reached river Nile to their surprise they again founded a boat with lots of sacks of grain for them they again cooked it and distributed the rest among poor and hungry people as a sacrifes in the way of ALLAH this process continued for several days and they were getting more and more every day.

They were greatly confused by this act so they again decided to go to MUSA (A.S) for enquiry about the whole process when they asked MUSA (A.S) angel GIBRIEL came to them and told them that they were getting a reward from ALLAH for their sacrifes which they were doing.

So with this incident it is clear that ALLAH rewards one who sacrifes in his way.

Way of Offerings
At any Dargah particularly at Ajmer .The nature and purpose of offerings apart from what has been said earlier is, with some modification as under:

(1) Firstly a person makes a vow and when his vow is fulfilled he makes the offerings.

(2) The Second form of the offerings is that the devotee has not made any vow, but when he visits Dargah he out of devotion presents certain money at the holy grave of the saint with the intention that whatever he is presenting he s presenting as an offering to that with clear implication that the same will be used by those who are entitled to receive it. At Ajmer the devotees pay the offering to a Moallim who may take as their well wisher or spiritual preceptor.

(3) The third form of offering is that it is paid directly to the Moallim knowing well that the same is for the benefit and personal use of that Moallim.

(4) The fourth form is that devotees pay a particular amount of offering to the Moallim and limit its expanses they clearly specify the purpose i.e. either to distribute equally among all the Moallims,to feed the poor, to spend in religious and spiritual functions, to present flowers or chadar (made of cotton or fine cloth) on the mazar.

The soul purpose of the offering in all the religious orders is nothing but to grace, benefit and facilitate the moallim or the person attached to Dargah.

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